Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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The Concepts about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The invention of the computer has changed the lifestyle as its main purpose is to make life easier than before. At the early stage, it reduced the stress to solve the complex mathematical terms while now it has been advanced a lot. Now every single aspect of our life is somehow related to computers and machines. So that’s why understanding the behavior of machines and computer is an important factor for technology lovers. Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated as AI) and Machine Learning (abbreviated as ML) are two confusing terms that are considered the same while the reality is different.

Most people interchange the terms AI and ML with each other which puts the professionals in confusion. So understanding the difference is quite important before dealing with them.

Short Description for AI

AI can be described as the ability of machines, computers, or robots to perform different actions smartly or intelligently.

Short Description for ML

While Machine learning can be described as the idea and implementation to make the machines or robots intelligent enough, so they could learn something and perform some actions on their own, based on the analysis.

The conclusion is, ML is a part of AI or one of the learning in AI. ML makes the machine able to learn while AI makes it able to make the decision. Below is some detailed information to differentiate between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Goals: The major goal of artificial intelligence is to get more success even compromising accuracy whereas Machine Learning is the opposite of it.

Similarly, one of the purposes of Artificial Intelligence is to work like intelligent human beings and reduce their efforts to deal with complex situations or problems. As compared to it Machine Learning process on given data to learn or understand it properly so performance or output could be maximized.

Working Criteria: AI acts as the functionality or a defined program that performs intelligent tasks while Machine Learning is the action composed of taking inputs or data and learns from them to make the machine intelligent.

Artificial intelligence works to find the best solutions for the given problem but machine learning sorts out the single possible solution for the given problem. ML does not care either solution is best to implement or not.

Most of us also get confused between Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Deep learning also gets interchanged with machine learning, but we need to understand the differences between them. Deep learning is also a part of AI just like Machine Learning but the thing that makes it different is its specialization. Deep learning powers up the machine’s intelligence to provide outputs more closely to natural or human intelligence. Similar to Deep Learning and Machine Learning, many other kinds of learning make Artificial Intelligence a complex and vast terminology.


The brief summary for the whole explanation is that Artificial Intelligence drives us to wisdom while Machine Learning and other learning like deep learning leads to information or knowledge.