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Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation
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Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation (BL0-100) Associate Exam Guide

Are you worried about not passing your final Nokia BL0-100 exam? Then don’t be, as we’ve got you covered. This useful guide will provide all the necessary information to pass your final Nokia certification exam.

BL0-100 Exam Objective 

Candidates will gain a better understanding of basic 5G frameworks and concepts. Moreover, the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation exam certification provides a deeper 5G understanding concerning fundamental principles, technical pillars, and key business issues. 

You will gain a working knowledge of essential 5G cloud, networking, security, and slicing technology and understand how they are interconnected for better benefits and understand the business opportunities of offering 5G solutions to businesses.

BL0-100 Exam Benefits 

There are various benefits to successfully attaining the Nokia BL0-100 exam certification, as you will obtain a better knowledge of key business issues, underlying fundamental principles, and what 5G technical pillars are needed to improve 5G planning and strategy initiatives. 

BL0-100 Exam Details 

You must carefully go through the following Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation exam details to increase your chances of passing your final certification examination.

Exam Total Questions: 65 MCQs (Multiple choice questions) type 

Exam Total Time: 60 minutes

Exam Fee: you will have to pay €125 (Pearson VUE) or €50(Examity/NIIT)

Exam Delivery Method: Online exam through Pearson VUE or Examity/NIIT or at a Pearson-approved testing center.

Exam Prerequisites: None

BL0-100 Exam Registration 

Candidates need to register for their Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation either online through Pearson VUE from their home/office or through a Pearson-approved testing center. Moreover, all examinations are carried out in Pearson VUE’s approved and secure proctored environment 

The Nokia BL0-100 exam is carried out in person by way of the Pearson VUE testing center. Moreover, if you fail to pass your written exam, you can try again without waiting any further as well as there is no limit on the written exam attempts either. 

BL0-100 Exam Topic Content Domains (Syllabus)

Candidates who wish to pass their Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation exam successfully must go through the following exam topic domains.

  • The Imperative 5G (12% exam weightage)

Candidates will learn about three primary limits that create the need for a 5G end-to-end approach: current network deficiencies, operating costs, and rising total ownership. Moreover, they will learn how to create value, enabling extreme throughput for end-to-end 5G performance, improved connectivity, improved reliability, and ultra-low latency. 

You will understand about 5G levels of latency, connectivity, throughput, industry’s new value creation, and reliability. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of how to complete course exercises by going through the industry example.

  • 5G Networking Foundation Access (13% exam weightage)

You will learn about 5G era access usage to facilitate new business applications that are emerging and evaluate cable, fiber, Wi-Fi, and copper technologies’ continued evolution for 5G access. Furthermore, you will understand architectural build access and fundamental technologies’ impact on end-to-end 5G. 

  • 5G Networking Foundation Transport (13% exam weightage)

Students will understand how transportation networks satisfy the 5G performance requirements and the end-to-end 5G network key transport technology mapping methods. Furthermore, you will be able to explain the overall architecture of the 5G transport network and 5G technology business capabilities as a scalable and flexible transport network. 

  • 5G Networking Foundation Core (13% exam weightage)

Candidates will learn about the core limitations and the need for adaptation of the core for 5G networks. Moreover, they will learn end-to-end 5G underlying technology concepts enabling the core to be adaptive and universal and study its main functions concerning evolving needs addressing 5G convergence, industrial, and enterprise. 

  • Distributed Cloud foundation (13% exam weightage)

You will learn about distributed cloud delivering low latency services utilized in end-to-end 5G and the benefits of using distributed clouds concerning 5G network slicing, local low latency services, and RAN deployments. 

Candidates will get a deeper understanding of the working of cloud levels concerning distributed cloud environments and its implications on industry players needing on-site services and low latency. Moreover, they will study planning 5G distributed cloud deployment options and the implications needed for service delivery activation concerning software and hardware investments and decisions.


  • Network Slicing Foundation (12% exam weightage)

In this study module, you will learn about the technical concepts and origins of network slicing. Furthermore, you will get familiar with 5G networking slicing enabling service level agreements and end-to-end Quality of Service. 

You will understand the economic and technical gains achievable from network slicing and determine the network slicing needs concerning the 5G network driver.

  • Security Foundation (12% exam weightage)

In this module, you will study concepts such as 5G security challenges and their corresponding measures. Moreover, you will provide various examples concerning 3GPP 5G security features and attack vectors for understanding 5G cloud protection, network slicing, and network virtualization function.

As a result, you will gain a deep understanding of efficient and holistic security solution implementation that facilitates the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Industrial Automation Foundation (12% exam weightage)

Candidates in this module will learn about operational interplay, communication technologies, information-providing industrial automation, and creating new values. Moreover, they will learn the importance of the role of 5G towards Industry 4.0 automation needs. 

You will describe various 5G enabled applications, technology performance, and horizontal application needs. Moreover, how these application’s functions are applicable to manufacturing, railway transportation, and public safety.

BL0-100 Exam Certification Job Opportunities 

There are many opportunities for candidates who wish to pursue their career in Networking & IT field through the BL0-100 exam. Moreover, various job positions are available to candidates, such as Principal Network Architect, Lead Support Engineer, 5G Project Manager, Network Engineer, etc. 

The salary range for 5G networking jobs ranges from $82,000 to $177,000 per year, according to the job applicant’s experience level. 


The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation exam provides you with a great opportunity to learn about the basic 5G framework, concepts, key business issues, fundamental principles, and technical pillars. Moreover, it offers an excellent way to start your career in the 5G networking IT field. So what are you waiting for? Register for the program now as soon as possible. 

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