Top 10 IT Careers in 2022

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Top 10 IT Careers in 2022

Now a day’s just earning for food and residence is not enough in our society. Living a better life is a dream of every person. All of us put our get efforts and time to fulfill our dreams and live a life full of happiness. Unfortunately being in this race took our whole day and energy which does not allow us to live the life for which we struggle. So finding the right career is the only way to overcome this situation. Most of us think that we should get expertise in any field which will be beneficial for us for a good income but the reality is different. You can achieve success only if you have the right motivation for it. So first you need to find who you are and what you can do for society.

As technology has changed our world and our lifestyle in the past few decades so as a youngster you should try to explore your abilities in the technological world. Technology has made our life easier and peaceful compare to our past and the future also depends on it. It is playing an important part in every field either it is medical or whatever field you can think of. So if you are struggling to explore the top careers you will end up finding Information Technology (Abbreviated as IT) as the best fit for yourself. No matter how much effort you can put IT can provide you right career opportunities for yourself. The following are the top Information Technology career in 2022.

1.   Data Science


Some people are fond of dealing with challenges. If you are that kind of person Data Science is one of the highest paying careers which will suit you best. This job requires strong analytical skills and pressure handling because you will deal with large volume data. Do not be afraid, if you have a pleasant mind and enjoy dealing with challenges, this career will be nothing more than enjoyment for you. The average salary is around $130,000/yr but if it is a managerial role you can earn more than $195,000/yr.

2.   Software Development


If you find yourself weak in physical efforts but you think you have great analytical skills and a sharp mind you can easily adopt software development as your career. This is the most trending and beneficial career among technology lovers. This is because the average worth of software development is around $110,638 worldwide. Software development is the foundation of technology without which technology has no survival. Entering this career requires great mental effort and learning but once you get this skill it leads you toward success. First of all, you need to learn any programming language, and then you need to keep yourself update with the latest technologies.

3.   Project Management

If you love to give orders and monitor the work of others while doing nothing on your own, IT project management is a wonderful opportunity for you. It is one of the highest paying careers whose net worth is around $107,579/yr. This job requires great communication skills and many other qualities like leadership, pressure handling, analytical skills, and most important managerial skills. Choosing this career can also be helpful for your start-ups and implementing new ideas.

4.   Social Media Management

Spending a long time in a day is now common in social media but have you ever think that you can make it your long-lasting career. Yes, this sounds like a dream job but this is reality. Now social media is a helpful weapon to target the customer because of large traffic and easy access to anyone. Social media management is a pleasant job to do but you should be a responsible person to make it a career. The average worth of this job is around $95,000/yr which can be varied based on your efforts.

5.   Digital Marketing

Marketing is the most trending and demanding job nowadays. Every business needs to target its customers and marketing is the best solution to increase sales. As described already that technology has become an important part of every field in the world, so targeting the customers and generating new sales has become easier than before. As a part of Information Technology Digital Marketing also does not require any physical effort compared to traditional marketing ways. Once you adopt it as a career you will never move somewhere because its net worth is around $88,279/yr.

6.   Software Quality Assurance

Programming is the soul of technology but there are many other jobs out there that can be adopted as IT careers. Software Quality Assurance is one of them has become the best opportunity for job seekers who have great decision-making abilities and finding hidden problems. This career is suitable for people who love to communicate on technical topics and understand the effects of small-looking problems. Quality matter a lot, when you need to fulfill the customer’s needs and make him/her your regular client. So that’s why the burden of this career can only be lifted by a responsible person. If you have these qualities this career will be quite interesting for you. The average salary for this job is about $85,859/yr.

7.   Technical Writer

Writing is also a creative skill but if you have much information about something you can improve your writing skills. Technical writing is a little bit different compare to simple promotional or informational writing. You need to know every single technological term perfectly so you could use them in the right way in your content. Don’t be afraid all you need to put your attention and efforts and then you will be enjoying doing this job. The average salary that can be imagined while choosing it as a career is around $67,565/yr.

8.   UI/ UX Designer

Appearance is a factor that has a great effect on the mind. Software or any digital product which has not charming and interactive appearance will not be liked by any client. Sometimes just a beautiful appearance can enhance the quality of a digital product. So UI/UX Designing is among the top careers which will never last for a long time. All you require a creative mind and a little bit of expertise on some tools and you can compete with even the experienced person in the market. This is because in this career creative thinking is more important than experience. The average salary for this job is around $52,683/yr.

9.   Technical/ IT support

This is the most trending and helpful opportunity for a fresher to build his career. Technical Support jobs suit best to individuals having good communication skills and clear technological concepts. If you can diagnose issues and providing helpful solutions you should take a step in this career without any hesitation. A global Technical Support executive can earn up to $52,642/yr.

10.       Enterprise Software Sales

Generating Sales is the most prior goal of any business. So if you have weak programming skills but good communication skills and can achieve sales targets or attract customers, this career will benefit you too much. Finding an average salary is difficult for this career because you can earn a large amount based on your sales. All you need the analytical mind to understand the enterprise data flow. This is because you will be the front face of the organizations that will directly deal with customers and convince them to buy the software.