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Last Updated: July 4, 2024
Exam Name: Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022)


Easy Study Guide for Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022) Exam

Do you want to pass your VMCA2022 exam successfully? Then you are in luck as this comprehensive exam guide will provide you with all the exam prerequisites and details you need to pass your final exam. Moreover, you will also obtain Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022) exam preparation tips too. 

The VMCA2022 or Veeam Certified Architect exam certification is among Veeam highest certifications and certifies that candidate’s possess architecture knowledge, high business and technical skills concerning designing enterprise-level complex Veeam deployments. 

VMCA2022 Exam Target Audience

The Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022) exam is targeted towards IT professional candidates such as architects or senior engineers who design architecture for Veeam environments. 

VMCA2022 Exam Prerequisites 

The VMCCA2022 exam certification requires candidates to have VMCE certification, as it will greatly help them in obtaining the certification. Moreover, you must have commercial experience concerning Veeam and extensive knowledge of storage, virtualization, cloud environments, and servers. 

Candidates also need to attend the Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design training course, which is taken through VMAEC or Veeam Authorized Educational Center. Moreover, you must also have taken or held the Veeam Certified Architect v1 Course certification during the last 12 months. 

Veeam recommends candidates attend the Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design training course as they will have to face new design methodology, in-depth application, and understanding in the VMCA 2022 final exam.

VMCA2022 Exam Objective

Those candidates who achieve the VMCA2022 certification will be able to 

  • Architect and design the Veeam solutions for real-world environments
  • Assess business or project requirements, describe the best practices, and review existing business infrastructures.
  • Carryout Component (memory, storage , CPU) quantity sizing and identify the concerned infrastructure metrics 
  • Provide testing and implementation guidelines in accordance with designs
  • Address various pain points and design challenges innovatively by matching Veeam replication & backup features along with their requirements.

VMCA2022 Exam Details

Candidates must comprehend and understand the following Veeam exam details in order to successfully attain their Veeam certification 

Exam Fee: You will have to pay a total of $300 but fees vary according to region.

Exam Time: You will have 90 minutes (30 min if exam is held in non English speaking country)

Exam Total Questions: You will face 40 MCQ (Multiple choice questions) in the final exam

Exam Passing Grade: You will have to attain minimum of 70% to be considered successful

Exam Delivery Method: You must carry out your examination in a PearsonVUE authorized testing center exam online or at home in Proctored online environment

Exam Certificate Validity: The certification does not expire but Veeam’s ProPartners need to update the certification program regularly in order to remain valid.

Exam Retake Policy: Candidates can retake the exam after 24 hour period after failing in their first attempt. Moreover, you will have to wait for 14 day period for all consecutive sessions from the second to the fourth attempt.

If you fail to pass the exam for the fifth time, you will have to wait for 12 month period or seek permission from the Veeam operation team by email at vmce@veeam.com. However, you can retake your exam for your sixth attempt to ninth attempt after a 12 months waiting period, but afterward, you will have to wait again for a 12 months period.

You will have to wait for another 12 months if you wish to retake the exam again or request permission from the Veeam (VMCE) security team. Moreover, if you fail your exam afterward, it will be retired, and no exam retake option is available thereafter. 

Once you pass your final exam, you cannot undertake the same exam certification unless a new revision is announced and released.

VMCA2022 Exam Content Topic Domains (Syllabus)

Candidates who wish to attain their VMCA2022 certification will need to cover the following exam topic domains (syllabus) in order to achieve success in their final exam


Candidates will consult architecture principles, find out about successful architecture designs and review their Veeam architecture applied methodology


Candidates will discover relevant infrastructure metrics, identify environment complexities, identify risks and assumptions and analyze their existing environments. 

Conceptual design 

You will study how to review data and scenarios from the discovery phase, identify various objects and logical groups who will share the required resources, and create detailed sets of technical and business requirements, assumptions, risks, and constraints. 

You will create data flow and high design levels along with reviewing the infrastructure data concerning product components. 

Logical design

Candidates will create various logical groups, determine relationships and components’ location according to logical grouping, and match VBR features and critical components along with their requirements. 

You will calculate component resource totals according to logical groping and calculate the quantity sizing of various components (memory, storage, CPU). 

Tangible/Physical design

You will study how to convert various logical designs into their final physical designs and create various physical lists of Veeam backup parts.

Governance and Implementation 

Candidates will study how to review Veeam hardening deployment, provide guidance concerning design implementation, describe various design obligations concerning implementation, and review the implantation plan and physical design.

Iteration and Validation 

You will understand how to test the Veeam designs and provide the required framework and also make the design according to the required modification environment. 

VMCA2022 Exam Preparation Study Tips & Resources 

There are many resources available from which candidates can gain a deeper understanding of the Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022) exam and obtain their competitive edge 

Online Vaeem Course Practice Exams

Candidates can obtain a deeper understanding of their final exam environment and the type of questions they will have to face by practicing various free or paid online practice exams or dumps available online. 

Veeam Instructor-Based Training Courses

Candidates who wish to increase their chances of success for their Veeam certification can attend various paid Veem Certified Trainer-based training courses which are delivered through VMAEC or Veeam Authorized Education Centers. 

Veeam University 

You can easily prepare for your Veeam certification through Veeam University educational resources. Furthermore, you can easily access all industry’s expertise, and knowledge on any kind of device as content is specially designed for mobility. The free training content is delivered on demand, so you get to pick & choose what you want to learn. 

Online Veeam Product Videos 

Candidates can easily gain a better understanding of Veeam products and their usage by going through the Veeam training videos available online. Furthermore, these brief tailored training videos will easily guide you on how to carry out data security, cloud migration, or best modernizing backup practices. 

Veeam Community Hub

You can also join the Veeam community hub and gain answers to all your specific problem questions and queries. Moreover, you can easily access the latest Veeam news, blogs, scripts, and discussion boards and get answers quickly to your concerned problems

VMCA2022 Certification Job opportunities 

Various job opportunities are available for candidates who successfully attain their VMCA2022 certification. Moreover, you can easily secure job positions such as Information Technology Systems Architect, Infrastructure Operations Engineering, System Administrator, Senior System Administrator, etc.

The salary range for the job title concerning Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design (VMCA 2022)  generally ranges from $30,000 to 79,000 per year, according to the job candidates acquired experience level. 


The VMCA2022 certification holds extreme importance for those who wish to join the IT job field and implement and design Vaeem infrastructures for various customers or clients. So what are you waiting for? Act now and get yourself registered as soon as possible to seize this golden opportunity. 


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