What Is Quantum Computing?

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Have you ever heard about quantum physics? If not then you need to first know about it before learning quantum computing. Quantum physics is a theory that describes or discusses the physical characteristics of every natural thing around us based on atomic and subatomic substances. Similarly, such a type of computing that focuses and implements quantum theory on technological devices or computers is called quantum computing.

How quantum computer is different from classic computers

The computers based on quantum theory are called quantum computers. But the question is how can we differentiate between our normally used classical computers and quantum computers? The main difference is that the computers we use in our daily life are capable to take values in the form of 0 or 1. This property narrows down its limits and ability to provide extraordinary benefits. As compared to it quantum computers are capable of accepting both 0 and 1 at the same. This property makes them able to provide more computation benefits than classical computers. The principles of Quantum theory power up quantum computers and enhance their computational abilities to deal with certain operations smoothly. The good thing is these computers consume very less energy as compared to their outcomes. The desktop quantum computer price was around $50000 last year but can vary based on their performance and additional features.

Basic Unit of Quantum Computers

The basic unit of Conventional Computers is bit or bytes which consist of binary information called 0 and 1. But the basic unit for Quantum Computation is called Qubits. This unit is also called a quantum bit while at some places Qbit. The difference between the Conventional computer’s bit and Quantum Computer’s Qubit is much clear. As in Quantum Physics spin of electrons consist of two states spin down and spin up, similarly, a qubit allows both the states of 0 and 1 at the same time.

IBM Quantum

Most of us are aware of IBM conventional computers but IBM Quantum computers are also among the leading quantum computers. IBM has earned fame in quantum computing and also provides the cloud facility for several quantum devices.

Google Quantum

Google is the most renowned organization providing multiple digital solutions. One of google achievements is Quantum Computing based on which Google declared that they had achieved quantum supremacy. This term means that Google Quantum Computers are capable of solving complex problems which cannot be solved by conventional computers without working for a thousand years. This was a great challenge at that time.

Usage of Quantum Computing

The contributions of quantum computing have been described below.

  • Quantum computing has revolutionary effects on financial matters. Now complex finance problems can be easily solved using quantum computing.
  • Military Affairs are also being handled by Quantum Computers. The intelligence of these computers is a helpful factor to control and monitor threats.
  • Quantum Computing has also revolutionized medical science. Now new discoveries or researches are easily possible.
  • Nuclear fusion, Digital Improvements, Big data researches, polymer designing all these challenges can easily be dealt with by using Quantum Computing.