Oracle Practice Test and Questions Answers PDF

Oracle Certification Exams Guide

You must have heard the name Oracle if you are a tech-lover. Oracle is a reputable multinational tech corporation that has a long-range of software products in the international market. Its headquarter is situated in Texas (One of the states of the United States). Oracle Corp. also provides a long range of certifications for students and professionals to enhance their career growth.
A long list of Oracle certifications can be generated but some of them are described below.
1. Oracle Database Certification
Oracle-database is a popular database in the tech-world. After getting this certification you can get more job opportunities. Every organization needs a database to store and keep their data safe so this certification is best to make you worthy in every organization.
2. Oracle Enterprise Management Certification
You must have experienced in your life that the laborers do more effort than a manager but do not get the reward even equal to the manager. This is because of the difference between their analytical abilities and the outcomes of their efforts. So if you think that you are worthy to become an enterprise manager, Oracle Enterprise Management Certification can be a strong proof of your abilities.
3. Operating System Certification
If you have the right knowledge or experience of programming and operating systems you can easily pass the exams for oracle operating system certifications. This way you can build a long-lasting career because nowadays the average salary of an oracle developer is around 108,995 Dollars yearly worldwide.
4. Supply Chain and Manufacturing Certification
Getting this certification can give you more respect among the professionals. Understanding and implementing the supply chain concept is not so simple. Deep knowledge and extraordinary effort are required to become such a professional. But the reality is if you have the right motivation and courage to do something then this will not be a challenge for you.

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