Salesforce Certification Practice Test and Questions Answers PDF

Salesforce Salesforce Certification in 2023

Salesforce  Salesforce Certification  is for Salesforce Certification  professionals who are looking to get Salesforce  certified for this to be Salesforce certified professional using self-paced study guides in pdf printable format to get Salesforce Certification certified for a career boost.
Marketing-Cloud-Account-Engagement-Specialist Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist
Questions: 200
Marketing-Cloud-Account-Engagement-Consultant Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consultant
Questions: 200
Security-Privacy-Accredited-Professional Salesforce Certified Security & Privacy Accredited Professional
Questions: 153
Sales-Cloud-Consultant Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam
Questions: 234
ADX-271 Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites
Questions: 185
DEV-402 Salesforce Platform App Builder
Questions: 234
Advanced-Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SP23)
Questions: 243
Marketing-Cloud-Intelligence Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Intelligence Accredited Professional
Questions: 80
User-Experience-Designer Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (SP23)
Questions: 128
MCC-201 Link Your Salesforce Data using Marketing Cloud Connect
Questions: 129
Salesforce-Mobile Salesforce Certified Mobile Accredited Professional
Questions: 100
Strategy-Designer Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer Exam
Questions: 236
Revenue-Cloud-Consultant Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional
Questions: 153
Process-Automation-Accredited-Professional Salesforce Certified Process Automation Accredited Professional
Questions: 123
MCES Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist (MCES)
Questions: 412
Salesforce-Maps Salesforce Certified Maps Accredited Professional
Questions: 100
ADM-251 Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Administration
Questions: 418
Heroku-Architecture-Designer Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer (WI22)
Questions: 185
Identity-and-Access-Management-Designer Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Designer (WI22)
Questions: 234
Integration-Architecture-Designer Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer (WI22)
Questions: 106
Einstein-Analytics-and-Discovery-Consultant Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant (WI22)
Questions: 209
Platform-Developer-I Platform Developer I (PDI)
Questions: 211