Privacy Policy

Unless you express consent, all personal information we gather from our members or users is never sold or transmitted to a third party. When you browse and visit our website, we at CertsChief save your computer’s IP address. We solely utilise the information we collect to provide us with a summary of your statistics and demographic data. We do not utilise the IP addresses we gather to identify the person or user in any way.

We know you care about privacy while online at Certschief. We have the utmost respect for customer privacy while they are on our website. We are committed to protecting your confidentiality, including information that will not personally identify you. All of our trial versions require information.

CertsChief reserves the right to analyse and report on our customers’ behaviour and other information in order to determine the level of interest in particular products or areas of our website, as well as to share this information with our advertisers. CertsChief may permit third parties to provide subscriptions or other services for which you may be required to register. CertsChief is not responsible for any actions taken on third-party websites if you use these services. You should read the privacy policies of any websites, services, or products before using them.

Terms and Conditions

When you provide information on our website via bulletin boards, chat, or other areas, third parties may collect, save, and use your user name or other personal information. CertsChief has no control over this action; we cannot be held liable, and you provide such information at your own risk.

How We Use Information You Provide?

At times, we may make the following uses of the information you provide:

  • To provide information to our research and editorial teams to aid in the development of new features, services, and products for CertsChief members.
  • We provide advertisers and sponsors with demographic and other information about our users that does not personally identify them.
  • To share information with carefully selected partners in order to provide value-added services to our customers
  • To provide you with advertising that is more personally appealing to you.
  • By using our website, you grant us permission to use this information in the ways described in this policy and without personally identifying you.