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Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse
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Quick Study Guide for Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse Exam

The CCI-CNAMB certification has been made especially for nurses responsible for the precautions and care of the patients before and during the surgery. Moreover, the certification is obtained by nurses and medical staff to improve and enhance their professional careers. 

Getting CCI-CNAMB certification is the professional way by which authorities examine a nurse’s knowledge about their field, including their skills and abilities in the defined area. Furthermore, if you are practicing nursing or planning to join the field, this guide will direct you on how to excel in your career. 

CCI-CNAMB Exam Purpose

Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurses are highly efficient. This certification declares the professionality of the candidates. Passing the CCI-CNAMB and earning the certification is considered to be a big achievement and a mark of distinction and highlights the principal roles nurses perform beside doctors and surgeons.

CCI-CNAMB Certification Benefits

There are great benefits linked with becoming a Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse, such as

  • It shows the dedication of nurses toward their work.
  • Increases knowledge and skills in a nursing related field. 
  • Highlights nurse’s hard work and makes their work recognizable.
  • It exhibits a nurse’s potential and provides a chance to earn more.
  • Provides employment and better nursing jobs
  • Help nurses excel in their careers by getting more information about their chosen field

CCI-CNAMB Exam Prerequisites

Candidates who wish to attain their Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse certification must fulfill the following requirements 

  • RN License: Unrestricted or current license in any state or practicing country
  • Academic Degree: associate degree in nursing (equivalent), nursing diploma or higher
  • Experience: Candidate need to have Part-time employment or full-time in ambulatory surgery environment (2400 hours or 2 year experience) with 500 hours in an intraoperative setting
  • Employment environment might be physician-owned, free-standing or hospital-based 
  • Employment roles may be research-oriented, clinical, educational or administrative
  • Experience concerning work for voluntary or non-paid positions is acceptable
  • Experience requirement is depended on education status and acquired certification(CNOR) 
  • If the candidate has the required experience and CNOR certification, current employment needed in an ambulatory surgery environment
  • CPD (Continued Professional Development): The candidate must obtain a score of 50 points in the learning activities field of CNAMB exam.
  • Candidates can acquire the required points through 
  • Category 1 CMEs or 25 accredited CEs
  • 2 Semester’s academic coursework having 3 credit each (1 semester credit/hour =15 points, 1 quarter credit/hour =10 points)
  • Candidate needs to attain activities points in 1 or more of CNAMB exam subject areas 
  • Candidates must complete their point activities within 2 year period before their application 
  • CPD depends on candidates acquired certification and their education status 
  • BN, BSN, or having an advanced nursing degree completes CPD requirements
  • Candidates having CNOR certification will complete CPD needs 
  • Candidate having different accredited credentials (e.g CSSM, CAPA,CPAN, CGRN,CNOR, and CNS-CP) then CPD need are met. 
  • Candidates with active status accredited credentials who are not on the CCI’s curated list might get accepted depending on CCI’s credentialing team discretion or on a case-by-case basis

Candidates’ eligibility requirements are based on 

  • Certification and Education status (Credential related to no accredited perioperative)
    • Candidate has ADN, RN Diploma and License or its equivalent 
      • Candidate must be employed in an ambulatory surgery environment
      • Candidate must have 2400 hours or 2-year work experience
      • Candidate must have a score of 50 points in Learning Activities
    • Candidate has BN,BSN, RN License or higher 
      • Candidate must be employed in the ambulatory surgery field
      • Candidate must have completed 2400 hours or 2-year work experience
  • Candidate has educational credentials which are related to accredited perioperative 
    • Candidate has ADN, RN Diploma or License, or equivalent 
      • Candidate must be employed within the ambulatory surgery field
    • Candidate has BN, RN license, BN or higher 
      • Candidate must be employed within the ambulatory surgery field

CCI-CNAMB Exam Details

Candidates who wish to attain their Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse certification must understand the following exam details

Exam Fee: Candidates are given an option of a single as well as a double attempt. For a single attempt, the candidate has to pay $350 and is given a single chance to attempt.

However, in double one, candidates appear for the test twice in case of failure on the first attempt. The fee for double testing is $395 in which candidates are given two chances to pass. 

Exam Registration Method: Candidates can get registered for the exam through their official website.

Exam Questions: 200 MCQ-type questions (15 pre-test questions)

Exam Time Allowed: 3 hours & 45 minutes.

Exam Passing Score: There is not a particular number that needs to be achieved; candidates either passed or failed. However, mostly the least passing percentage is around 76.7%. 

Exam certification Validity: 3 years

Online On-Demand Exam Prep Session Fee: $149 

CCI-CNAMB Exam Topic Domains 

The examination concerning Competency & Credentialing Institute: Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse certification has a vast syllabus. Moreover, you need to focus on each section thoroughly before the exam day. Following are the exam topics that you need to prepare for

  • Intraoperative care (27% exam weightage)
  • Care Plan (10% exam weightage)
  • Perioperative patients, diagnosis and assessment(12% exam weightage)
  • Communication (10% exam weightage)
  • Emergency Situations (11% exam weightage)
  • Supply Management & Instrument Processing(9% exam weightage)
  • Professional Accountability (9% exam weightage)
  • Transfer of Care (6% exam weightage)
  • Management of materials, services, and personnel (9% exam weightage)


CCI-CNAMB Certification Exam Study Preparation 

Mostly seniors and professors of CCI-CNAMB certification recommend a minimum of 3 months for preparation. Moreover, one of the best ways to prepare for the CCI-CNAMB assessment is to join their prep course. 

Their instructors are highly professional and will help candidates improve their preparation. The prep course charges are $149 dollars. Furthermore, apart from low tuition fees, they offer preparation online, making it easier for everyone to attend. 

Virtual classes help working candidates save time and manage their classes and job at the same time. However, if you can’t want to spend time or money on online classes, there are various ways through which candidates can get them well prepare well for the CCI-CNAMB exam, such as

  • CNAMB handbook is available on the website; candidates should download it and make notes. 
  • Attend CNAMB verification webinars to learn more about exam criteria and stuff. 
  • CNAMB exam study plan is also available; candidates should get their hands on it for better learning and revision. 
  • Attempt past papers and various online practice questions or exam dumps for the CNAMB exam on various internet sites. 

Apart from it, there are many textbooks readily available that can help candidates to understand various topics. The following are the names:

  • Guidelines for Perioperative Practice by AORN. Denver, CO: AORN, Inc; Current Edition
  • Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique by Phillips, N. and Hornacky (14th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier; 2021
  • Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery by Rothrock, JC. (16th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier; 2019
  • Drain’s Perianesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach by Odom-Forren, J. (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

CCI-CNAMB Certification Job Opportunities 

There are immense job opportunities in the job market for seniors and experienced nursing staff. Moreover, Certified nurses can join great places to work, such as government or private clinics and hospitals.

According to an estimate, an average  CCI-CNAMB certified nurse earns $1700 more than a non-certified nurse annually. Moreover, the salary range generally falls between $68,700 to $87,000 per year depending upon experience level. 


Despite having money and perks, CCI-CNAMB certified nurses get all the appreciation and recognition that they deserve as their hard work gets rewarded. Moreover, applications are open now, apply and take the initial step toward a better future!

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