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Last Updated: July 23, 2020
Exam Name: Certified Documentation Integrity Practitioner


Quick Start Guide for Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe (CIPP/E) Exam  

Become a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and work with reputable firms. If you haven’t chosen your profession yet and are looking for something exciting, then you are at the right place. Moreover, this guide will provide you with all the necessary requirements to pass your CIPP-E exam successfully. 

CIPP-E Exam Objective

The Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe authenticates a strong base in European security and privacy rules and regulations. Furthermore, the CIPP-E exam also provides knowledge and understanding about the legally secure method of transferring personal and sensitive data, information within Europe or from or to the U.S. and other administrations. 

Benefits of CIPP-E Exam

Here are five reasons why CIPP-E exam certification is beneficial and will strengthen your resume. Moreover, the CIPP is the worldwide standard for professionals entering and running in the area of privacy. 

  • The Certified Privacy Professionals are recognized as a part of an elite institution of informed, capable, and committed facts safety practitioners.
  • Similarly, obtaining the CIPP/E credential demonstrates knowledge of an ideas-based framework and knowledge base in statistics privateness in the European context, along with essential subjects like Schrems II and the GDPR (including mandatory DPOs).
  • Retaining a CIPP/E designation elevates your leadership profile among your colleagues.
  • Furthermore, the CIPP/E certification is a key benchmark among top employers for hiring and promoting privacy-based professionals.
  • The CIPP-E certification is an international industry standard for experts joining or already working in the field related to security and privacy.
  • Certified information privacy professionals are considered a part of geniuses working as knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated data protection practitioners. 
  • The certification boosts the leadership profile of its candidates among its colleagues in the job market. 
  • CIPP-E experts earn a decent salary annually worldwide. 

CIPP-E Exam Prerequisites

A candidate who is appearing for the exam should have an understanding of data privacy (GDPR) and data protection legal requirements.

Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s)

Exam’s No. of Questions: 90 questions from which 75 questions are being scored.

Exam Duration: You have a total time period of 2 hours 30 minutes for your exam

Exam Passing Score: You must obtain a minimum score of 300 (65% to 80%)out of 100 to 500 scale to be considered successful.

Exam Delivery Method: The online testing method using Pearson VUE’s proctored testing environment using OnVUE software either at the Pearson-approved testing center or at home/office.

Exam Language:  English, French, and German

Exam Fee: CIPP-E exam fee for the first time is $550 for each candidate. However, in case of failure, you have to deposit an amount of $375 to retake the exam and wait for a minimum period of 30 days from your first attempt.

Certification Maintenance Fee: You have to pay an amount of $250 dollars every 2 years for certificate maintenance. Moreover, if a candidate fails to submit it, the certification gets canceled, and one has to appear for the exam again. 

This fee has to be paid to get the certificate activated. Furthermore, it is better to pay the fee while registering for the exam so that the certification activates soon after the test.

CIPP/E Certification Objectives

The certification allows its candidates to understand the concepts of data privacy and protection. Moreover, it helps the candidates to learn about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including all its 99 related articles. 

You will learn about various topics, including Introduction to European Data Protection, European Regulatory Institutions, Legislative Framework, compliance with European Data Protection Law, Regulation, and Data Transfers.

CIPP/E Exam Topic Domains (Syllabus) 

It would help if you went through the following exam topics to increase your chances of passing the CIPP/E final exam.

  • Introduction for European Data Protection  
  • Data Protection Law History & Origins

This section includes the principle for information protection, human rights laws and regulations, early legal guidelines and regulations, the call for a harmonized EU method, the Treaty of Lisbon, and a modernized framework.

  • European Union Institutions

Candidates need to learn, EU court docket of human rights, the European Parliament, EU commission, European Council, and the court of Justice of the European Union in this section.

  • Legislative Framework

In this section, you will study about Legislative framework applicants desire to analyze, the Council of Europe conference for the safety of individuals regarding the automatic processing of private information of 1981 (The Coe convention) and the EU facts safety directive (ninety-five/46/EC).

Moreover, you will learn about the European Union directive concerning privacy and digital communications (2002/58/EC), the European directive on digital commerce (2000/31/EC), European information retention regimes, the general information/data safety regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and associated legislation.

  • European Data Protection Law and Regulation Materials and Scope
  • Concepts of Data Protection

This section covers topics such as dealing with statistics safety concepts, improving sensitive private information, pseudonymous and nameless records, processing, controller, processor, and records subject.

  • Territorial and Material Scope of the General Data Protection Regulation

Candidates will study concepts including made in the EU and Non-establishment in the EU.

  • Data Processing Principles

In this section, you need to focus on concepts such as fairness and lawfulness, purpose challenge, Proportionality, accuracy, garage difficulty (retention), and Integrity and confidentiality.

  • Lawful Processing Criteria

In this section you will study concepts relating to consent, contractual necessity, Legal obligation, vital interests, public interests, legitimate interests, and special categories of processing from LPC.

  • Information Provision Obligations

Candidates need to prepare topics like transparency principles, privacy notices, or layered notices under this section.

  • Data Subjects’ Rights

You will study concepts including access, rectification, erasure, the right to be forgotten (RTBF), restriction and objection, consent, right of withdrawal, automated decision-making, inclusive of profiling, data portability, and restrictions (Article 23 GDPR).

  • Safety of personal information

Candidates should cover topics like suitable technical and organizational measures (access controls, encryption, etc.), breach notification, vendor management, risk reporting requirements, data sharing, and vendor management. 

  • Accountability Requirements

In this section, candidates will learning about concepts such as obligation of controllers and processors, data safety by design and through default, documentation, and cooperation with regulators, records protection effect assessment (DPIA), obligatory records safety officers, and auditing of privacy packages

  • International Data Transfers

Candidates will learn about the purpose of prohibition, organizing adequate jurisdictions, secure harbor and privacy shields, managing standard contractual clauses, and binding corporate guidelines (BCRs).

Moreover, you will learn about codes of certifications and conduct (04/2021), derogations (2/2018) of Article 49 (regulation 2016/679 and Transfer impact assessments or TIAs (01/2020) using tools to ensure personal data compliance with EU level protection level.

  • Supervision and enforcement:

In this section, you will learn about topics such as the European Data Protection Board, Supervisory authorities and their powers and the European Data Protection Supervisor role (EDPS).

  • Consequences for GDPR violations

You will study concepts such as coping with procedures and processes, fines and infringements, data subject compensation, and class actions.

  • Compliance with European Data Protection Law and Regulation
  • Employment Relationship

Candidates will study topics like EU work councils, whistleblowing systems, employee data processing on legal basis, BYOD (Bring your own device) programs, and storage of personnel records.

  • Surveillance Activities

In this section, you will learn concepts such as communications interception, CCTV(closed circuit television (3/2019), biometrics (facial recognition), public authorities surveillance, and geolocation.

  • Direct Marketing

You will study topics like direct marketing, online behavioral targeting (8/2020 concerning social media users), and telemarketing.

  • Internet Technology and Communications

In this section, candidates will learn about web cookies, SEM (search engine marketing), cloud computing, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) concerning its ethical issues and machine learning abilities.

CIPP-E Exam Study Preparation Tips and Tricks

There are many ways through which candidates can prepare for their final CIPP-E exam, which are listed below:

  • Practice Papers

There are many practice papers or exam dumps available on the official site as well as online. Furthermore, candidates should try to attempt as many as possible before their final exam, as it allows candidates to understand the CIPP-E concepts more clearly.

  • Group study

Group study makes learning joyful, and candidates get to learn more in less time. Moreover, in a group study, candidates share thought’s, and ideas and interact with each other for a better understanding of concepts.

  • In-person Instructor-led Training

You can gain valuable insight from experienced instructors and also gain the opportunity to gain networking and contact details as well. Moreover, they have experience and can guide candidates about the final exam topics and their careers. 

  • Virtual Classrooms

Candidates can join online virtual classrooms (live classes) and save their commute expenses while gaining the opportunity for real-time CIP-E exam questions, discussion, study ideas, and feedback. 

CIPP-E Exam Study Resources

Candidates can also gain more understanding by going to the following study resources

  • For basic knowledge, candidates must download the IAPP candidate handbook online.
  • A glossary of terms is yet another great way to learn the required information. Moreover, it contains the most common words used in the privacy world. 
  • Exam Blueprints are the best way to understand exam format as this also defines how the exam will be broken down into parts and the number of questions. Furthermore, it elaborates the minimum and the maximum number of questions in the exam from each section. 
  • Another great resource available online is the Authoritative Resources List, where candidates can get paid study material and can make their preparation well. 

CIFF-E Certification Job Opportunities 

Many highly paid career opportunities are available for candidates obtaining CIPP-E exam certification. Moreover, you can secure jobs such as Compliance Lead, Sales Professional, Data Protection Officer, Data Privacy Engineer, Privacy Analyst, Risk, Privacy Officer, etc.

The CIFF-E certification professionals earn a decent amount of salary annually worldwide as the typical salary ranges between $82,098 to $104,951, depending on your experience level. 


The CIFF-E certification offers immense opportunities for candidates who are seeking great-paying careers and possible job promotion opportunities. Start preparing for your CIFF-E exam today and give an uplift to your profession. 

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