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Data-Science-Fundamentals Questions with Answers PDF


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Last Updated: June 4, 2024
Exam Name: Certified Data Science Fundamentals Certification Exam


PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Exam Guide

If you are seeking certification concerning the Microsoft Power Platform PL-900, look no further! Our comprehensive and friendly guide will answer all your questions and advice needed to pass the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Exam. Moreover, you have all the resources and tools you need, from the exam structure to tips and tricks for success. Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a Power Platform pro today!

Microsoft’s PL900 exam is a great way to get certified in the use of the Microsoft Power Platform, a suite of cloud-based services that enable users to analyze data, create custom applications, and automate processes. Moreover, to get certified, you’ll need to pass the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam.

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam is a great way to get certified in using the Microsoft Power Platform. Moreover, with our help, you will have a better idea of what you need to know and how you can prepare for the exam to increase your chances of success.

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Exam Prerequisite 

There are no requirements needed for the exam certification; however, students need to have some knowledge of the following concepts

  • Basic understanding of using Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Understand fundamental concepts of Azure services
  • Understand developing solutions using the Microsoft Power platform
  • Familiar with carrying out Power BI data analysis and using Power virtual agents

It is recommended to have an understanding of data analytics, computer technology, cloud computing, etc. Moreover, the PL-900 certificate certification can be an important stepping stone for anyone interested in advancing to other certifications.

PL-900 Exam Purpose 

The exam is intended for those candidates who wish to improve their knowledge concerning Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI data analysis, efficient usage of Power Apps, efficient Power Automate usage, and using Power Virtual Agents to create chatbots.

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification is intended for those candidates who wish to presume their career roles, such as Microsoft Power Platform Developer. Moreover, this certificate will validate their expertise concerning the usage of power platforms fundamental towards usage. 

You will also gain the opportunity to enhance your knowledge concerning Microsoft power platform as they are regularly updating their solutions and services. Furthermore, you can also pursue PL-900 certification for getting jobs such as CRM solution consultant or Customer relationship manager.

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Exam Details

Candidates will need to understand the following details if they are to pass their exam successfully. 

Exam price: Candidates will have to pay the exam fee of $99 

Exam Passing Score: Candidates will need to attain a passing score of 700 out of 1000(1 -1000 scale). The score is calculated according to the skills, competence, and knowledge required for the questions. 

Exam Type: Candidates will have to attempt the examination online 

Exam Question Type: MCQ (Multiple choice questions)

Exam Time: 60 Minutes

Exam Questions: 40 to 60 Questions 

PL-900  Exam Topics Domain

Candidates for the Microsoft Power Platform exam aims to improve productivity by understanding the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. Moreover, they will gain an understanding of basic business processes with Power Automate, basic data analysis with Power BI, and creating powerful chat bots by using Power Virtual Agents.

So, what does the exam cover? The exam focuses on the four core components of the Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Moreover, it tests your knowledge of configuring and managing the various components, creating and updating data models, defining and implementing security, and more.

Candidates will need to cover the following exam domains

  • Describe Microsoft Power Platform business value (weightage 20 to 25%)
  • Identify Microsoft Power Platform core components (weightage 10 to 15%)
  • Show the abilities of using Power BI (weightage 20 to 25%)
  • Show the abilities of using Power Apps (weightage 25 to 30%)
  • Show the abilities of using Power Automate (weightage 10 to 15%)
  • Show the abilities of using Power Virtual Agents (weightage 1 to 5%)

PL900 Exam Preparation 

Once you know the exam objectives, you’ll be ready to start preparing for the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam. To help you, we’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you’re ready to tackle the exam questions. 

Step 1

First, make sure you have a good understanding of the platform and its components. Read up on the materials and the documentation provided by Microsoft to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to answer the questions on the exam. 

Step 2

Second, practice your skills. Use the free practice tools available from Microsoft, online practice tests, online test dumps, etc., to test your knowledge and see how you’re doing. Moreover, this will help you identify any weak spots that you need to focus on before taking the exam.

Step 3

Finally, make sure you take the time to relax before taking the exam. It’s essential to stay focused and organized so that you can answer the questions accurately and quickly.

PL-900 Exam Job Opportunities

Organizations of all sizes are already using the Power Platform, but it’s not just for tech-savvy professionals. Moreover, you don’t need a computer science or engineering degree to benefit from the Power Platform. In fact, there are many job opportunities for professionals with a range of skills and experience. 

Whether you are a business analyst, an IT professional, or a data enthusiast, there’s a role for you in the Power Platform. For example, you could use Power BI to create powerful data visualizations, Power Apps to create mobile apps, or Power Automate to automate business processes. 

The salary range concerning Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification ranges from $79,000 to $154,000, depending upon candidate’s experience levels. 

The best part is that Microsoft continuously adds new features to the Power Platform, so you’ll always be ahead of the game. Furthermore, you can get certified in the Power Platform to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself appealing to employers. 


We hope this Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam guide has been helpful in your preparation for the exam. Moreover, with a better understanding of the exam objectives, recommended study materials, and tips for success, you will be well-equipped to take the exam and pass with flying colors! Good luck and all the best!


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